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Teaching Staff

Around 42 well qualified teachers are round the clock available at the campus to look after the needs of 615 students at an extremely healthy Teacher Student ratio of 1:15. All the Teachers as well as the support staff are provided free /subsidized boarding and lodging as incentives to give out their best. All the staff are qualified as per strict Govt. conditions and are selected after a rigorous screening process.

Staff Senior Boys Wing
  Dr. Sanjay Dube - Headmaster   Dr. Atul Kumar Saxena - Asstt. Master   Mr. R.K. Nagpal - Asstt. Master   Mr. S.K. Raza - Librarian
  Mr. Anand Kumar - Asstt. Master   Mr. Santosh Kumar - Asstt. Master   Mr. V. Rawat - Asstt. Master   Mr. Pratyesh Kumar - Asstt. Master
  Mr. Anupam Singh - Asstt. Master   Mr. Ranjit Shee - Art Master   Mr. Vinay Kumar - Asstt. Master   Mr. Ankit Semwal - Asstt. Master
  Mr. Ravinder Nath Yadav - Asstt. Master   Mr. Anil Kumar Sengar - Asstt. Master   Mr. Vipin Kumar - Asstt. Master   Ms. Ekta - Asstt. Mistress
  Miss. Prerna Yadav - Asstt. Mistress   Mr. Shadab Alam - PTI   Mr. G.D. Raturi - Lab. Asstt.    
Staff Senior Girls Wing
  Ms. Rekha Sangal - Headmistress   Mrs. Anuradha Sharma - PTI   Ms. Bani Bora - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs. D. Nagpal - Music Mistress
  Mrs. Shalini Upadhayay - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs. K. Kamboj - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs. Zeba Naqvi - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs. Deep Mala Singh - Asstt. Mistress
  Ms. Niroo Kushwaha - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs Maneesha Sharma - Asstt. Mistress   Ms. Nisha Shalini Xalxo - Asstt. Mistress   Ms. Pratima Chauhan - Asstt. Mistress
  Mrs. Hina Deepak Vanjari   Ms. Nandita Juyal - Asstt. Mistress   Ms. Aman - Counsellor   Mr. D.S. Das - Lab. Asstt.
Staff Juniors Wing
  Ms. Archana Shankar - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs. Surbhi Sharma - Asstt. Mistress   Ms. Preeti Lakara - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs. Anjali Dube - Asstt. Mistress
  Mrs. Kanchan Sharma - Asstt. Mistress   Mrs. Nidhi Saxena - Asstt. Mistress   Ms. Neha Chauhan - Music Mistress   Ms. Anjali Choudhary - Dance Mistress